Ladygasm CiCi Review (Meh, possibly NSFW)

I was recently contacted by a company with the intriguing name "Ladygasm." Since I am a lady, and do enjoy a good 'gasm, I agreed to review a new product for them. You know, for no more than a little bit of my time. With myself.

Because I'm super nice and giving like that.

So, without further ado:


The device came to my door discretely packaged in a way where any old schmoe would think to him or herself, "Perhaps she is getting a new pair of cute flats via the postal service."

Which is always nice...because you don't want the neighbors believing that the single lady upstairs with the two dogs and penchant for listening to whiny "girl on piano" music is ordering her body weight in silicone rechargeable female sex toys.

When I opened my discreet cardboard package, I discovered another small box not unlike the kind I receive my checks in.

Except this box is full of blank checks made out to O-town. HEYOOOOOOO!

[Insert ridiculous pelvic thrusting dance here. Hold please while it goes on longer than is comfortable. Aaand, now wait through the awkward silence. OK, done.]

The toy they sent me is the Ladygasm CiCi, which is renowned the world over as an intense pleasure seeking tool. This little girl (girl? I don't know the gender on these things, but the CiCi strikes me as decidedly feminine), has two separate motors that can work independently of each other, which, as you might guess, is not quite something the human body has perfected just yet...though not for lack of trying, amirite?

The Cici is made with medical grade silicone and looks like this in soft focus (which, as we know, is way more romantic):

Here is another angle, all propped up in its handy-dandy box and looking sentimental as hell:

The CiCi has two to turn it on (ba dum ching!) and one to toggle through each of the eight settings. Yes, eight settings...and all for less than the cost of a date to the movies.

(And far more satisfying than a date to the movies, especially if you happened to waste your hard-earned money on watching a board game translated to the big screen this summer.)


I can't say enough good things about this little toy, but I'll try to give you the high-level basics...

  • Comes in a great little discreet package (which I continue to use to store CiCi) that if, say, your niece happens to find, will not be something you have to try to explain to a sibling. "Oh, um, I TOLD her not to go in my room anyway. Also, I also might have explained that when a man and woman love each other very much, they share a special hug, and sometimes they special hug things like this funny wand."
  • Two independent motors, which can be adjusted to vibrate independently or in other fun 1-2-punch combos
  • Eight overall settings
  • Contoured well (nothing jabby or awkward here, like I found with theIntensity Stimulator)
  • Priced to move (seriously, this thing is $25. TWENTY FIVE dollars! Eight settings! Independent motors!! MOAR PLEASE.)


There are not a lot of cons to the Ladygasm CiCi, but here are my general takeaways:

  • It's little, so if you like more "oomph" to your toys or vibes, you may not get the best bang for your buck on the CiCi. (While it looks like atraditional Rabbit vibrator (aff), it's definitely the mini-me version of said Rabbit)
  • The little vibrating arm can get pretty intense on the highest settings, so for more ticklish types, direct stimulation may not be ideal
  • Takes AAA batteries and lasts for up to 3 for you marathoners, you may want to buy some stock in Duracel

Overall, this is a fantastically priced, great performing little tool to use on a lady date with yourself, or on an outing with friends. 

You know, if that outing is in your bedroom and stuff and not all Fred Willard in the theatre and whatnot.

Oh! And just for you kids, get 20% off when you enter redhead at checkout. That's right...get the Ladygasm CiCi for $20 instead of $25. You spend more on lattés in a week, and I guarantee this will be far more stimulating.

Fine print stuff: I received this product for free from Ladygasm in exchange for a review. Any affiliate links in this review have been noted with (aff).