Your Opinion Matters (OR DOES IT!?) (Addendum: It does)

We interrupt this regularly scheduled Linkapalooza to shamelessly flatter you (and then ask for your help).

You all are smart people, right? (YES, YOU ARE!) And you like to give your opinions? (YES, YOU DO!)

As you know, I'm writing a lil book for you all, but I'd love to make sure that it is as specific to your preferences as possible. 

So if you have a minute, would you mind taking the short, 5 question, 90 second (or less!) survey below? 

After you do, type the secret phrase from the end of the survey into the comments and I'll enter you into a giveaway for both a $25 Amazon gift card AND a free How to be Dumped book.

To sum:

  • Take the survey below. (It's also here if you're unable to see it.) It will literally take you less than 90 seconds. The heavens will open with song.
  • Enter the secret phrase from the end of the survey into the comments on this post (no cheating!)
  • The survey will close this Tuesday, 9/11 at noon EST.
  • In the meantime, wait on pins and needles (or something more comfortable) to see if you might win a $25 Amazon gift card AND a your very own How to be Dumped book when it's published. I'll use to choose a winner bright and early Wednesday morning.
  • Eat ice cream. Because it is delicious.

Aaaand, go!

UPDATE: The survey is now closed.