Your Help Needed: Break-up Advice

After a soggy, snotty summer, it's looking like fall might be...drier. 

It's becoming less and less strange to hear myself genuinely laughing again at random things. I'm not surprised when I have a good week. I have fewer moments of HOLY FUCKING SHIT I'M SINGLE IN MY THIRTIES AND MY OVARIES ARE PUTTING UP GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SIGNS...START LOOTING NOW (hey-o!)

Also, I'm remembering what it's like to enjoy my own company.

(Always a bonus when you work from home and spend the majority of your time, you know, talking to yourself. Or to your dogs. I'm not entirely picky with whom I have imaginary conversations.)

The people who have supported me during this time are pretty much The Awesome, and were chock full of understanding, lots of listening, and a whole bunch-o' patience for when I wanted to talk about all this shit...again.

Here are some of the pieces of wisdom they dropped that are amaze-balls:

"Successful relationships don't have to be forever relationships. They just need to do the job they were intended to do."


"Pour yourself a shot of Jameson and listen to some Kelly Clarkson."


Me: It'll be two weeks [since the breakup] on Monday. I'm thinking 5 more to go until I'm back to normal. Isn't that the saying? It takes as many weeks as months you were together to get over a break up? So, seven months, seven weeks. Or something like that.
K:  I thought that was month for every year
I can't do fractions...
you were together 8 months?
8/12 reduced to 2/3, together 2/3 of a year, carry the one...I have no idea
Me: haha, math is gross
K: but seriously, take as long as you need...there is no math really, just moments of clarity 


Me: dealing with [the breakup] has been super fun. Going through all the phases of grief and whatnot, still sometimes hoping stupidly he'll realize the error of his ways and come back, which is dumb
L: No it's not dumb.
Well I'm sorry you're dealing with all of that.
Me: but I'm also not ready to go get a distraction, either, or have a rebound fling, so that means I just have to DEAL with it, which is mostly just me feeling sad all the time
L: I mean... there are worse things than dealing with your emotions. ;)
So I've heard.
Like sometimes just be sad.
Me: haha
L: I think it's probably better to deal with it now than to distract yourself or suppress it and have it manifest times a million later.

OK, now your turn!

I would love to hear any pieces advice that have helpd you during a break-up, divorce or end of a relationship. Good ones will warm my soul. Really excellent ones will end up in How to be Dumped (which you should also Like on Facebook!). 

Aaaand, go!

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