You Are Powerful

Life is a little like a scale.

Or maybe more like a cycle.

Or a Venn Diagram. I dunno, I'm bad with charts. 

Let's go with Venn Diagram. Boom. 

On the one side, we have our "youness", on the other, we have the shit we're good at.

Some days we'll feel pretty alright with being us, and that'll drive that day's work.

Other days we will doubt our youness, and those are the days we just have to rely on the shit we're good at.

The best days are the days there is a balance...we trust our unique ability to be powerful, as well as our ability to execute the things we know. 

If you're single or in a relationship, these rules still apply. In fact, most of the rules apply when it comes to your love life, but we often forget because we buy the lie that our personal lives are one thing, our love lives are another. 

Be you. Trust yourself. Love.