Why I Choose to be Childless (for now)

In general, I think it’s weird that people take a vested interest in the fruits of other women’s uteri.

And don’t be fooled...they do.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked a version of “When do you want kids/when are you going to have kids?”

I’ll admit that this question is probably due to people being curious and/or having little bundles of joy themselves and/or simply asking about one of life’s many stepping stones.

But it irks me a little bit, because as soon as I answer as I normally do, I feel like I am filed away and categorized as an anomaly.

So, here’s the skinny...

I don’t want kids...

...that is...

...if I have to have them on my own.

I most likely will not be one of those women who if still single at 45, will adopt a child from Djibouti or wherever. I guess I’ve never had that strong of a desire for little Naked Redheads all by my lonesome.

BUT! If I found a cool dude, and we shared some similar philosophies, and we decided together—in love—to not only procreate, but to agree that, no matter what, whether together or separate, we’d raise a couple of bambinos together? Yeah. I’d be down.

I think.

Ha. Parenthood is so scary to think about.