When Dreams Change (Literally, not Figuratively)

I've had one recurring dream for, oh, 15 years?

It's about a boy. One I had a girlhood crush on for, like, ever. 

The weird thing is, it was always the same dream until probably the last two years.

In the past, I was always chasing him, trying to get him to like me...and being rejected. These dreams are not all that different than the real time in my life that I thought he was super dreamy, and he never gave me the time of day. 

Well, except for whatever weird dream things happen in dreams, like my legs won't move, or my eyes feel filled with sand, or I've seemed to have forgotten all my clothes.

The last two years, however, I chase him, I catch him, it's good. I mean, bizarre, but good. I literally have not seen this person in AT LEAST ten years, probably longer.

So, obviously, the dream isn't about him (good god, he's one of those people that you find later on Facebook and you're like, "DEAR. GOD. WHY.")...but why the change? 

And while I'm not really looking for an answer, I do think it's fascinating that I can go months and months at a time and not have this dream and then BOOM. Baby makin' dreamz. HEY-O!

Basically I'm writing this to make sure I'm not alone (per usual). Ha! Any of you have weird recurring dreams that have changed? Or just weird recurring dreams in general? What do you think they mean?