What to Look forward to for 2012

First, a little business:

If you follow (or would like to follow) me on Twitter, you probably know by now that I changed my handle to my real name, @sarahjstorer. It's still the same account (I didn't unfollow you, I promise!), with all the bells and whistles and unicorns, just a new name.

Well, not NEW. I've been sporting this one for a while...but I think you catch my drift.

Second, I know I like to talk about living in the present, and embracing the "nowness" of things...but I'd also like to know what you're personally looking forward to for 2012.

It's a beautifully sunny day here in Columbus, and it reminded me that some of my favorite weather is just a few short months away. So sure, I'll enjoy today because it's today...but c'mon...we all know summer is glorious.

Here are a few other things I'm looking forward to in 2012:

  • Learning, growing and refining my career and work goals (Nerd!)
  • Making big travel plans, then experiencing new and far off places with cool people (here's hoping that I don't see any giant bugs)
  • Making new friends, but having those awesome "touchbase" moments with familiar faces.
  • Discovering new things to love: fashion (I've been watching A LOT of Mad Men), music (what horrid pop song will I love this year?), ridiculous websites
  • The new Batman movie (yeah, I said it)

What about you? What are you anticipating for 2012? Anything good? Anything dreadful? Spill!