Was it my Kindle!?!?

Loud crunching noise that awakes me from my sleep.  In a fog, I sense The Boyfriend walking around from my side of the bed to his.

Me:  Whaaaa...?

The Boyfriend:  Shhh.  Just go back to sleep.

Me(Still groggy, mumbling)  What was that noise?

The Boyfriend:  Nothing.  I was turning off your light and then I stepped on something that made a noise.

Me(Now wide awake and very, very concerned and maybe even yelling a little)  WAS IT MY KINDLE?!?!?!

The Boyfriend (Audible eyeroll)  No.  It's on the table where you left it.

Me(Sleepily and with much fondness)  My Kindllleeee....


Poor The Boyfriend.  No matter that he may have actually injured himself on whatever he stepped on, I was only concerned about my wonderful, wonderful Kindle.  Clearly, naming it "The Boyfriend II" was a fantastic idea.

Come to think of it, though...he might have stepped on my glasses.  Awesome.