Top Ten Infallible Dating Truths for Single People, Part B

Yesterday's post, continued!

6.  If he doesn’t talk fondly of his family/friends/co-workers, he doesn’t talk fondly of you (see also, if he thinks your close relationship with your friends and family is weird, kick him to the curb)  My dad always used to say that you could judge the way a guy would treat you by the way he treats his mother.  In my experience, this is beyond true (and conversely, the way a mother treats her son is going to affect the way he expects to be treated by a woman.  BEWARE of the overly spoiled ones!).  But it also goes for the way he treats his friends and the way he reacts to your close relationships with your network of favorite people.  If he thinks it's weird that you like to talk to your mom on the regular, or he gets jealous of your friendships, or even tries to prevent you from spending as much time with your favorites, it's time for a hearty buh-bye. 

7.  Never cancel on your prior commitments for a new fling.  My friend Lisa and I used to have an agreement:  "You get one."  Whenever either of us met a new boy, we could cancel standing plans with each other for the new boy just once.  But if you cancel anytime after that?  Bad form.  Your friends were there first.  You'll see that boy lots and lots, most likely at some point naked, so cancelling on your standing Friday Happy Hour with the girls is just shitty.  Besides, if it doesn't work out with you and the newb, you'll need the support of your friends, and you don't want 'em all pissed off at you anyway.

8.  Demand the best for yourself.  DEMAND IT.  You deserve better.  You really do.  You don't have to put up with name calling, being stood up, bad sex, lack of communication, or put downs.  You don't have to deal with an "almost there" match, shitty mind games, or with someone who hates your dog/best friend/mom.  You deserve better.  Don't believe me?  I bet your friends would agree!

9.  Don’t be’s not that big a deal.  It’s really not.  All right, all right, simmer down now!  I know some of get a little nutso at the least disturbance in your dating routine.  And then it all goes to hell, because you're stalking his Facebook page, and his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page, and his mom's Facebook page, and then you're e-mailing his mom asking her, "Was he always like this?" and the whole time you're wondering why he's so crazy...and it's really you.  Unless it's a huge problem, keep clam and carry on.  Deal with things in a rational manner.  Believe me, things will turn out much better this way.

10.  Your issues?  Not meant to be put on the table during the first date. 
Ohhh, it's so hard, I know.  You kinda want to dump it allllll out there.  You're secretly hoping your steak dinner will turn into a commiseration-fest of all the times some girl tortured your soul with her games, or how guys just don't get you.  I assure you, if you end up dating for any length of time, these issues will come to light, but the first date?  Nah.  Leave it at the door.

OK, your turn!  What are your dating truths?