This Place is Messy...Must've Been that Shit Hitting the Fan

I think life is really, well, a lot like me...a person who derives great pleasure in seeing other people get kicked in the balls when they're least expecting it.

Such has been my (our) life over the last year and a half.  The Boyfriend and I had just started coasting a bit when BOOM, yesterday, we got kicked in the proverbial balls.  Well, really HE got kicked in the balls, and I kinda had to stand by and watch and feel the after-effects.

Without going into too many details, I think we both realized immediately how lucky we are to not have too many financial constraints at the moment.  Hooray for cushions!  Cushions that happen to be located in someone's basement!  But a cushion, none-the-less!

The Virgo in me wants to plan and plan and plan until there couldn't be any possible way that life would hand out surprises.  Oh-ho-ho!  You wanna throw out sickness, Life??  WELL SCREW YOU!  I have a cabinet full of meds, a neti-pot, a heating pad, chicken soup, a doctor on call and this here horse tranquilizer I stole the last time I happened to be at a farm.  You wanna dole out a misunderstanding between me and a friend?  Nice try!  I have other friends!  You want that restaurant to forget I made a reservation?  Eff off!  I made TWO reservations for this evening, just in case!

So yeah, when the unexpected happens, it's rough internally, let alone any complications that may arise naturally from the little snafu.

Anyway, I know this post is a little vague.  But I guess I wanted to ask you all how you deal with things when life hands you the old ball kick?