The Typology of Rebounds

Can I just say that I love, love, love writing for all of you? Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1) You all are friggin' smart

2) You all are hilarious, and don't seem to mind my need to say the word "balls" all the time

3) You post comments like this that challenge me and make me say, "Whoah"...

From Guest33 on yesterday's post:

"There seems to be a typology of rebounds; with hybrids.

1) Throwaway Screws: Of course you bang the wrong person. You don't want the right person, because you thought the ex was maybe a right person and that turned shitty. So maybe you're angry, or depressed, or just need to erase a couple feelings and then get rid of that dirty eraser.

2) Masochistic Lessons: Ohhh I feel too much so I will get laid and get hurt because the pain will dull out the other pain. Or, Ohhh I feel numb and I need to feel again. Or, Ohhh I did something awful, I made the wrong move, and since the fates aren't punishing me, I must let this bad person punish me emotionally, or I will have sex with their nasty body as punishment.

3) Comparative Sanity: Dis bitch/asshole crazy! I wasn't THIS bad to my ex! They are insane fun in bed, plus I know I am a better person. My confidence is up! Time to trade in for a better one.

4) Safe Yet Wrong: This person is a kitten. Tender. Sensitive. Probably looking for way more than you are capable of sating. They probably bang you or at least let you to 3rd base because they see the good in you and want to feel close. You don't feel this, but you kind of like them. They're nice. You like that they like you. They are a good person, and a good person thinking you're good means that you're good. So you feel some faux emotions, feel bad when you dump them, and feel okay to date again.

Please, add to the list."


See? Told ya. Maybe I'll just have you guys do my job for me... :)