Survey Results, and a Winner!

A BIG GIANT THANK YOU to all those who took my survey.  Not only were your answers most helpful, you all were such a huge encouragement to me with your suggestions and comments.  And lord knows, sometimes I just need a little Internet pat on the thanks!

Also, a big congratulations for survey taker ILDE!  She was chosen by to win an item from the TNR store.  (Ilde, please contact me at thenakedredhead (at) gmail (dot) com with your choice of product from my store.  Hell, if you don't like any of my t-shirt designs, I'll be happy to design one ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.  I hope you like unicorns.)

And without further ado, here are the results:  

I KNEW IT!  I knew I had at least one High Elf reading my blog.  (Give a warm hello to my good pal, Legolas, will ya?).  Also, it's nice to know that most of you all are ladies, and sassy ones to boot.  I'd be remiss, though, if I didn't thank the few hard-core, non-p0rn searching gentlemen that visit regularly.  I'll be sure to talk more about beer, belching and football in the future so you all feel more at home.  Also, I'll be tellin' my woman to do the goddamn dishes.

Well, sorry, but this came as no surprise.  I know I found a bunch of you by reading other blogs (I'm addicted to my Google Reader, srsly), so I assumed that's how a lot of you found me.  A big thank you to the one honest soul that admitted he (or she) was just here searching for p0rn.  I assume you're also the High Elf?  Dirty little immortal bastard. 

 You all have some varied taste in your literature!  Among the subjects you listed under "Other" were Science, Food, Yoga, Gay Stuff, Law, Humour (thanks, Europeans!), Politics, Technology, Videogames, Writing, Health, and Hoop Dancing.  I mean, I knew you all were a cool group, but knowing a little bit more about your tastes confirms that I can pretty much write about whatever the hell I want and you won't get bored.  That is good friggin' news, I'm not gonna lie.

So, basically, you like it when I'm sassy?  SWEET.  I can do more of that.  I can especially do more of that if I've consumed some alcohol.  So basically, this information tells me I can drink more and have less of a verbal filter. RAWK. 

Funny stories?  Check.  Snark rants?  OKAY.  Videos and podcasts?  In the works.  Helpful e-books?  Well, I actually have one in the pipeline about food and health, so according to my calculations and research data, some of you will want to read it.  Sweetness.  TNR products?  Well, okay, you guys are kinda "not so much" but I'm going to give you some anyway later this year, just in time for Christmas.  Are you excited?  You should be.  You might actually get to see actual naked from The Naked Redhead.  Holla!

And last but not least, your comments. Here are a few of my favorites (and yes, this is the part where I shamelessly stroke my ego in front of you.  Does that make you uncomfortable, like maybe you should leave the room or change the channel?  TOO BAD.):

You do post some great material! Was introduced to your blog via twitter read a few posts and was hooked.You are refreshingly honest in your writing don't ever change!

I love your blog! I ran across it a year ago and have read it faithfully ever since! It's nice to see that you don't always have to grow up gracefully. Sometimes you can be a little bit OCD and grow up with some snark too.

thank you for your blog! even though i've been a lurker until recently - i've been tuning in for a long, long time.

                  I love the "Note to Self" bit. Get out of my head already!

What? Waht! What what what??!! I didn't answer a question so everything I wrote here was lost? You oughtta do somethin about that. Okay lemme try again. If I missed another one - I just checked and I lost my entry of "writing" in blogs I usually read and I ain't marvelously happy about that either. So. Lavish praise and more lavish praise. Okay? I'm brand new to this stuff. Found you on Demery's site. Looks like you got stuff goin here. I'll be back. I gotta tell you - you missed a lot of good stuff I wrote because your survey program didn't save it while it was busy giggin me for missing some answers I had no answers for!

But the coolest one of all (and why I do all of this in the first place):

Like you, I was also once married - and it was a mistake. My "husband" turned out to be an alcoholic and I subsequently felt totally useless and like a failure for long afterwards.

Through your blog I've been able to realise that it is NORMAL to go through divorce and feel crappy and come out whole on the other side and BE HUMAN. I like your rants; I feel like I can relate to what you are saying (I'm sure all your readers say that!) even though we live on different continents in different seasons in different time zones. Different hemispheres, even!

I like reading what YOU get up to, what YOU like, what ticks YOU off. It makes me realise that it's OK to laugh at yourself once in a while, and that I should be proud of who I am. My failed marriage does not make ME a failure!

See?  You all are seriously the best readers on the whole Interweb.  All those "big wigs" can suck it, because we like keepin' it real here on TNR, right?  RIGHT?  YEAH.

Thank you all again for your help in taking the survey.  This fall has some great things in store, and you guys (er, I mean Females, aged 15-35, a few dudes and one Elf) make it possible.