Squandering Spring

I love spring, I really do.  I love the fresh smells, the sight of the world waking up after a long sleep, with a bedhead of blossoms and sprouts.  I love the fresh breezes and warming sun, I love the joy of going outside and thinking, "Yes, this is a good day to be alive."

But I'm PASSIONATE about summer.  I want it to be here, like, now.  I want to feel the heat and humidity and smell water and chlorine and sunblock.  I want to schlep over to Jeni's and eat Sweet Corn and Blackberry ice cream.  I get excited about blistering days and ice cold beers, about tank tops and shorts and sandals, about festivals and mini-vacations, and lazy days of nothing.

Spring is my best friend, summer is my lover.

Yeah, that's right, LOVER.  My hot, sweaty, fresh fruit and garden vegetables and fish-on-the-grill lover. 

Hmm...maybe "fish on the grill" is a bad phrase to associate with the word "lover."  Meh.