"Single" Doesn't Have to be a Way Point

2013 was a year of "slow blogging" on good old TNR. And I loved it. 


I do realize, however, that "slow blogging" brings with it the good, the bad, and the ugly:

The good: I only wrote when I wanted, what I wanted, how long I wanted, and fuck all that "Web-friendly" whatnot because I'M AN ARTIST OR SOMETHING. 

The bad: I wrote, like, 12 posts for the whole year, and after six years on this blog and literally writing hundreds of posts before then, it's probably been a little too slow.

The ugly: All my shit has felt, well, a little sad. I did a lot of digging down into the "why" of some things, lots of insight on breakups, lots of stuff on being enough, letting go, and how you're maybe doing it wrong

But I'm NOT sad. This year has been amazing and I'm super duper excited for 2014 (I've got some big stuff in the works and can't wait to share). 

I finally published my book.

I started a podcast that is doing AMAZINGLY well (um, we beat out Dr. Drew one weekend? We debuted at #1 in SEVEN New and Noteworthy categories?? We literally have had HUNDREDS of thousands of downloads!?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING!??!).

I've been happily single all year. Dating when I want. Flirting when I want. Sleeping smack dab in the middle of the bed when I want.

Orrrrr...just striking up conversations with strangers just for the hell of it, with no expectations or desired outcomes...you know, because talking to people, connecting with other human beings is FUN.

But I haven't talked much about these things. And I haven't written much helpful stuff on the true joys of being single. 

How singlehood isn't something one has to simply survive, but can truly be a thing which can make one thrive and grow and be. 

How those times when you question yourself can be a perfect time for activity: the gym, some work, even some housekeeping. And when you're done...new perspectives.  

How you can say "no" to perfectly wonderful people who just aren't perfectly wonderful for you...and be perfectly okay with that.  

"Single" doesn't have to be a weird purgatory, where you live a stilted sort of half life waiting for someone to complete you. You know you're complete already. And if you should meet someone, it's a bonus to an already full and fulfilling life.  

All that to say, do your thing, do you. And make 2014 awesome.