Notes to My Younger Self: The Simplicity of Courage

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My twenties had two distinct halves: fear and courage.

While I could tell a thousand stories from each of those halves, I'll boil it down to what I really learned during that time (and, let's be honest, I still work to practice): 

Fear complicates, courage simplifies. 

Fear brings endless anxiety, drama, and inaction. 

Courage brings singularity of purpose, clear vision, and the freedom to say "what's next?"

Here are the five main things I learned throughout my twenties through trial and error, great advice and massive amounts of reading and journaling. Each takes courage, but also consistently yields far more reward than the alternative. 

Without further ado...

Be kind.

You never know how a genuinely kind word or action toward someone will affect your life, your career or your love life. And remember...there is a difference between being nice and being kind.

Be first.

To say "I love you," "I'm sorry," and "Yes!" Jump in, don't keep score, and revel in the power of words simply and wholeheartedly said. 

Be honest.

With your friends, your family, your boss...and above all, yourself. In fact, what do you REALLY want? Journal it all down first if you have to, get a therapist, or hit the pavement or gym to untangle the knots of what you think you SHOULD want and what you TRULY want. 

Be open.

To trying new things, to dating that guy or girl who isn't your "type," to asking for or granting forgiveness, to letting go of your need to be right or liked or perfect.

And above all...

Be true.

To yourself (even if you don't quite know who that is yet), to what you value (even if the rules change), and to your dreams (even if you have to re-imagine them). 

Of course, I could give so much more advice (pay your bills! practice...everything! don't go to work drunk! find a way to move/work out that doesn't bore you! masturbate!), but these points are the foundation to help you begin to answer questions on your own.

And hell, what are your twenties for but to learn how to answer questions on your own? (I mean, besides having the metabolism to eat pizza on the regular?) 

You've got this, you brave beautiful thing, you. Get it, get it.