Rumble of the Gods--Book Two in the "Precipitation Series" is Here!

Oh man, are you as excited as I am?  Rumble of the Gods, book two in my sumer faux-mance "Precipitation Series" is finally here! 

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This novella follows Trent Quinn just after her freshman year of college as she goes through her first break-up and learns what it means to find love again.  Throw in a few love-sick vampires, a lonely werewolf, a flesh-eating bear, missing housecats, and funny new friends, and Rumble of the Gods is the perfect follow up to Trent's initial adventure into love in Water from the Sky

And no, OF COURSE, I do not make fun of another series which happens to feature love-sick vampires and lonely werewolves.  Nope, not at all.

Rumble of the Gods is valued at $89,076 (the yen is doing well, I hear) but TNR readers get a copy for just $4.99!  And of course, since it's an e-book, there's no shipping fee, and it's easy enough to read at work if you get bored (no need for an e-reader, either).  Though I'd never, EVER condone that.  A-hem.

Get your copy today by clicking Add to Cart!  You'll be directed to a secure E-junkie/PayPal site, and your document will be ready for download instantly.

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And if you happened to have missed out on the first novella, Water from the Sky, get started on the series for FREE!

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Cover photo thanks in part to The Eternal*Voyager. Visit her fantastic, informative site!