Restless (the Not-so-Young and)

I've been feeling restless lately.  I don't know if it's because my moon is in my seventh house of whatnot and starry numerology with the tides and the Ouija Board or what.  Maybe it's just due to the fact that I'm living in a basement.  Or maybe it's because I know that change is imminent, and I will not be able to "settle" anywhere just yet. 

Maybe it's because I'm changing my body, but inside I still feel the same. 

Maybe it's because I always feel restless once or twice a year. 

Maybe it's because I have lots of plans I'm working through that can't quite come to fruition just yet. 

Maybe I just need a hotdog.  I mean, hotdogs can make you feel better, right?  Like, they're all nostalgic and reek of childhood and stuff. 

Maybe it's because I've had a kick-ass thirtieth year, but it has FLOWN by.  I mean, seriously...where did Thirty go?

Or maybe it's because of this post that aired yesterday.

Either way, I think this all calls for a cold pint.  Who's with me?