Puke in a Front-load Washer: How Will Your Life Change Today?

Each part of your life affects another part; it’s all interconnected.  What you do today will have bearing on what happens to you tomorrow. 

That statement sounds dire and scary, but it may not be cataclysmic.

You may barely even notice the ripple that yesterday’s off-hand comment caused in today’s conversation.  Or how that small act of kindness last week changed a person’s life this week.

But it’s there.

And don’t let anyone tell you any different.

Actions, reactions, all that.  Good or bad. 

The lesson:  listen to your life and keep a watchful eye.  This week’s obsessive love of mac and cheese for every meal (**raises hand**) means something for next week.  Today’s brash confidence means the crazy idea it begets takes off tomorrow…and also awakens a certain Inner Critic Zombie.  That hour today that you pushed beyond your comfort zone will reap rewards, well, maybe not in the next fifteen minutes, but you just might be better at bursting through that zone next time.

Life is an ever changing mass of color, light and shadow.  (I like to think of it as a little like puking into a front load washer and then sitting back and watching the show.)  There is no “stuck”, you do not have to resign yourself to your fate…there is always still time for change, for betterment, for improvement. 

A little heavy for a Tuesday, but I haven’t had a lot of coffee yet.