Post College Survival Kit

Paging all soon-to-be or recent college grads...or any of the rest of you who might be thinking about that whole "rest of your life" thing!

You've probably got it all figured out by now, right? I mean, you spent the money, you've got the diploma, so of course you know exactly what's next.


Not so much. If you're like me, you probably left college with a communications degree and then ended up with a job in dental. For the next eight years. Yes. Because that's how life can plan and plan and plan, and learn and learn and learn, and still be clueless about it all.

Well, that's where the Post College Survival Kit comes in. Hosted by the always awesome Sarah Von of Yes and Yes (who is currently on her third global trek...all by her lonesome. Yeah, that woman has some lady balls), PCSK is an all-inclusive e-course that helps you get past that post-graduation panic, and a lot closer to what you actually want to do with your life.

The Post College Survival Kit features:

  • 8 weeks of ultra-useful articles on work, love, style, cash, and existential crisis management
  • a 60-page workbook (way more fun than final exams — sneak a mini-peek here)
  • 4 Vokle webinars with a bangin’ team of instructors: Marie Joseph of First Generation White Collar, Sally McGraw of Already Pretty, Alex Franzen of Unicorns for Socialism...and MOI! (psst, that's me.)
  • access to a private message board
  • 70% less post-graduation stress (give or take about a billion percent)

Oh, and guess what? Like I mentioned above, I'm an instructor! (Hot for teacher! Woo! Da na na na NAH! Bah, bah. Bah, bah.) My contributions include:

  • How to Move in with Your Partner without Killing Him/Her
  • Post-College Dating (also titled: Dating Like a Grown-up, e.g. Not Waking Up to Someone Who Shares a Bed with an Empty Pizza Box and Last Night's Hangover)
  • Useful links to articles, online magazines, podcasts, and blogs about love, dating and relationships

And get this, people, the entire course is a paltry $70. Do you even remember being able to buy a textbook for less than $150? I didn't think so.


What are you waiting for??

But as the famous children's television host once said, "Don't take my word for it!" Here are what a few teacher's pets are already saying:

I adore that it's not a super formal, scary sounding  thing.  I felt like I was having a  conversation with the various writers. It's  nice, informal, and way less intimidating than the FAFSA. :) Major props to ya'll!
- Levi, 22

In a fun, easy to follow, format the kit helps you create realistic goals. Instead of stressing you out about challenging issues, the lessons make post-college life seem manageable and even something to look forward too!
- Cara, 26
Fantastic! I truly wish I had read this after college - it would have saved me so much time/money/peace of mind - It'll steer you around bad debt, disrespectful flat mates and boy troubles!
- Halley G, 25


See you all in class! :)

*You know all that bidness about how teachers don't make a lot of money? Well, all links to the Post College Survival Kit are affiliate. Girl's gotta eat.