Your life as a 30-something-year-old is put in perspective when you spend any amount of time with someone three times your age...and learn that he's the "young'n" in his thrice-weekly golf game. 

It also makes you appreciate your parents more, and the decisions they make, knowing they face--hopefully--another one of your lifetimes in front of them.

You think, "It's not too late. I still have plenty of life in me."

And then you admire those younger than you who have it figured out, who know what they want and go after it with gusto. It kind of makes you jealous, and sad. But also, you think that it's probably best you waited until now, because then? You were a total, total fucktard.

Either way, it's pretty awesome, and inspiring, and good.

In other news, spending significant time in a town filled with men two to three times your age reminds you that men effing love redheads. Good lord.