Percolation List: Open Call to the Universe (A Super Kick-ass Idea via @Alex_Franzen)

I got the stellar idea to post a "Percolation List" from Alex Franzen (whom I actually got to work with after reading her article.  And lo, it was awesome) and wanted to give it a try on here.  

So, here's how it works.  I'm just going to borrow Alex's very clever opening:

I have some needs. And I have some skillz. I’m sending an open invitation to the universe, to see what percolates.


Here’s what I need:


See the pictures here on my blog?  I took those with my webcam and then edited them (poorly) in Photoshop.  I would like a new, more professional looking, pin-up style image or two that showcases a bit more of my personality and can be used for promotional materials.

Hair help

My hair?  I like it, but I haven’t done anything remotely new with it in awhile.  If you're local, I'd love to do some sort of consultation and maybe cut and color.

Social media diagnosis

You social media experts out’m I doing?  Could I connect more?  Tweet more?  What’s my Facebook page looking like?  Am I fostering strong relationships with my readers?  What could I do better?

A tattoo design

I have a design in my head, but the execution?  Not so much.

Nutritional advice

I eat pretty well, but could use some advice on how to get the best nutrition for my body while being a vegetarian.

A Dance lesson

Um, I suck at dancing.  Wanna teach me some stuff?  Any style except “belly” will do.  Partner dancing would be fun, too!

5 non-local readers to shoot the shit with over Skype

I want to get to know you better!  I’d like to set up a time on a Saturday/weekend/whenever to do some face to face time with you.

A chance to speak to speak to an audience about being the “youest you” (or other topics, as needed!)

Need a speaker?  Want someone to entertain an audience for a specified amount of time?  I’m your girl, and I’ll teach your audience that when it comes to being the “youest you” there is no wrong answer.

Here’s what I can offer in return:

Interview Coaching

I’m super good at interviews.  Let me coach you for one hour on how to kick-ass at interviews of any kind, even if you’re a little on the shy side.


I LOVE helping someone brainstorm and form new ideas.  Let’s chat for an hour about how to make your idea happen.

Speaking/Vocal Coaching

I can coach you on how to improve the quality of your speaking voice.  Let me teach you some simple warm-ups and exercises to make sure that the little old lady in the back of the room hears you!  Or, are you scared of public speaking?  I’m not (<--weirdo).  Let’s talk about some of my go-to tricks to wow an audience of any size.  Or, have a speech or presentation you’re working on?  Let me evaluate you to make your speech better.


Need a content editor?  I have both a Bachelor's and a Master's in Communication, and I want to take an hour to help you proofread, tweak sentences, and infuse your voice into your writing.


I'd like to simply sit and listen to you for an hour about something that's on your mind.  I'm not a shrink, but if you need a third party to talk with, I'm happy to help.  Of course, whatever we talk about will be confidential.

Well...that's it!

No need to comment here...let's just see what happens!  If interested, feel free to hit me up here, on Twitter (@thenakedredhead) or through Facebook.  Let's get percolatin'!