Party Down with Penis Straws!

This weekend, a big group of us are getting together to celebrate Lisey's upcoming nuptials.  Lisey has tried to put her foot down on dirty hats, t-shirts and sundry other phallic paraphernalia.

But we WILL have penis straws!  Yes we will!

Which really, how weird are bachelorette parties?  I witnessed one where the women roundly abused a blow up penis by sticking it repeatedly in a ceiling fan.  They were so...happy, and the thudthudthud of the penis in the fan, well, it was humorous, yes, and I won't lie and say I didn't drunkenly encourage the abuse ("Put it in again!"  Er...that's what she said). 

But why is the last "single night" spent generally being disgusting with reproductions of male genitalia?  Anyone know or want to make up the history behind this weird tradition? 

Also, I'd love to hear your bachelorette party stories! 

Have a fantastic weekend!