On Loving Yourself: A Reader's Email

Sometimes I get emails that are completely ridiculous. Like this one:

Hello, Baby i am [name redacted] i am looking for a redhead for long term loving with i love the redhead women. i would love to meet one to have wild fun with and to love till death with hope that one day that leads into marriage and kids. and pen-pal and talking with and do things with.

Oh boy! I also cannot wait to have wild fun with someone until I die, just HOPING that one day that whole 'til death thing leads to marriage and kids!

Haha, sigh.

But THEN. Then I get amazing emails like this...stuff that I just have to share with you all because it just goes to show ya, there are good people out there.

Dear Red (and friend),

I just wanted to say that there are men out here that look at the heart, character and strength of a women first. True, there needs to be physical attraction but something like breast cancer or similar, does not calculate in the equation. To be very candid, I find ladies that have that experience to be much "prettier" on the inside and a lot higher strength of character. Their perspective on life in general has a better balance too!

Now, I will admit, at 45, I may be a little older than your average reader, but I know, I am not the only single professional man out here that understands external beauty fades and when a couple is in their 90's, or one 85 and the other 97, etc, none of it works right anyway; so you damn well better love who and what is behind the eyes because the memories and character will be all that you have left. (Oh, and one other thing, believe it or not, not all men like big boobs, some of us are much happier with A and B cup women!.... just sayin').

Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you two, to love who you see in the mirror and know that any man worth his salt will be wise enough to search and learn your soul before he turns his eyes to your body.


A Reader

See? Awesome. (PS--I imbedded those links, not the reader. :))