On Learning

It's been a weird week.

I mean, like, weirder than normal.

But not weird in a bad way, really. More "weird" in that I feel like the life lessons keep tumblin' in this week. Or maybe, as my friend Jackie would say, maybe I'm more open to the lessons of late. (She'd go on to say that openness applies to many things, including dating, relationships and love...but that is a post for another day. PS--Jackie has lots of smart things to say.)


Here's what I've been learning of late:


1. To be brave doesn't mean that one is unafraid. The bravest people are those who are afraid and push on anyway.

2. Unplugging is good, and necessary. Don't be fooled that being plugged equates to being connected. Sometimes it's too noisy, and you aren't really being heard anyway.

3. Life is frail. Truly. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. (A very, very hard lesson for a Virgo like me. I loooovvveee PLANS.) Hug yer mom or someone you love, wontcha?

4. Stop talking. Start doing. See? Even there, I said too much. Did you know our minds are hard-wired to let ourselves off the hook a bit when we SAY we're going to do something? This is a true story...our brains think part of the work is already done. So yeah. Stop talking. Start doing.

5. "YOU" work is ongoing. I've found myself this week really struggling with weird body image stuff, even though I've been feeling amazing and I'm stronger than I've been in awhile. Maybe it's part of one of my more obsessive tendencies, or maybe it's part of the thrill of watching myself progress but still not. quite. getting. there (wherever "there" is). But this morning I had to be all like, "Girl, you crazy." and remind myself, yet again, that it's not about how I look, it's about what I can DO.

So yeah. Anyway. I'm learning a lot. It might be a little bit like how the Phoenix learns about fire, but I'm learning, nonetheless.

What are you learning these days?