On Intimacy

There's a certain amount of intimacy that comes with being in someone's mouth.

Wait, I should probably explain.

For about eight years, I worked in some capacity in the dental field.  Most of that time, I worked specifically in orthodontics, bending wires, changing bands, taking impressions and generally doing some of the grossest things I've ever done in my life...

...and all within about 12 inches of someone's face and mouth hole.

THAT'S intimacy.  And not really the good kind.

So, lemme tell ya, it gets real weird when you run into someone who looks REALLY familiar and she's looking at you like, "Hmmm...have we met?" and all of a sudden you realize that you've had your fingers all up in her face and you've actually--with gloves on--touched her tongue.  Multiple times.  On a regular basis. For 18 to 24 months in a row.

And that was my morning at the gym.  Awesome.