Oh Hey, that's Me! Interview in Columbus Alive

Photo by Tessa BergColumbus Alive was gracious enough to do an interview of me for their weekly Q & A

I talked TNR, writing, and how we're all emotionally complex creatures.

I would also like to say, for the record, that I don't think that all men who look for porn and find my site are pervs. I often drop "perv" as a modifier because, if you've ever seen me talk, this is how I roll. I say "dudes," and "ladies" and "pervs" a lot. Because that is what we are. Also, we're all just a titch deviant every now and again.

Continue looking for porn, dudes. Also, ladies. Continue to read my blog, no matter how you found it. You'll get no push back from me.

Head over to read to Columbus Alive online to read!