Nerd Alert!

We all know I'm having a love affair with my Kindle, but like any fling, it's costing me a lot of money.  So, a few weeks ago, instead of dropping yet another $9.99 on a bestseller, I headed over to the listing of free books to see what I could find.

Among the classics, the free list held about 72 different angsty romance-type novels, 432 organization and how-to manuals, and a novel about dragons and the Napoleonic wars (really) called His Majesty's Dragon.  I figured I had enough going with romance novels, and I know how to do everything already (ha!), so I picked up the dragon book, much to my own personal embarrassment.  A book about dragons?  Really?  Was I a fourteen-year-old boy who played clarinet and ate his own boogers?

And lo, I AM a fourteen-year-old boy who plays clarinet and eats his own boogers, because as of today, I have now read FOUR of the books in this damn series and have started on the fifth.  Guys, seriously, these books are plenty entertaining with fantastic characters and storylines.  I'd highly recommend them for your own summer reading. Well, after you read THIS, of course! 

(AND, it looks like they're coming out with a movie in 2011.  Rawk!)

Do you read fantasy novels?  Have you heard of His Majesty's Dragon?