My Blog is not a Democracy (also titled: "The Delete Button is my Friend")

Yesterday, my wax video was featured on The Frisky.  It took no more than five minutes for this comment to appear on the video on YouTube:

What a stupid c*nt.


I was oddly phlegmatic as I deleted the comment and reset the video settings to "Don't allow comments." 

And my lack of emotional response somewhat bothers me.

Have we grown so accustomed to people being complete assholes on the internet that we now expect and are unsurprised by random personal attacks?  I am actually more surprised I haven't gotten comments like this before now...which also disturbs me.

Hell, I get more mad when someone corrects my grammar on here. 

But I guess the reason it doesn't piss me off more is because I realize that my blog is not a democracy.  That's right, *I* get to say what I want on here, but that doesn't mean everyone else does.  I don't let people come in my house and shit on my couch, why would I let trolls say horrible things on my blog?  What...just because they can?  Because they have an internet connection?  Yeah, sorry, no.

Free speech protection...does not extend to private homes or businesses. You may have the right to say what you like in a public forum, but you don’t have the right to enter a private home or business and do that. In such situations your right to free speech is subject to the discretion of the owner of that private forum.

I'm all for spirited debate.  I'm all for people even disagreeing with what I say.  In fact, I wrote a post awhile back on abuse where my snide tone read very badly (yeah, it sure sounded like I thought abuse was okay if someone "deserved it."  DEFINITELY not what I meant!).  A reader very promptly put me in my place in the comments.  Sure, it stung, but was it useful to my other readers?  Yes.  Did it teach me a lesson or challenge my thinking?  Absolutely.  But did she call me awful names and tell me I was an idiot?  No.  She kindly and firmly made her point.  And that's fine.  Comments like that can stay.

But comments that are not useful, and comments that are downright mean, cruel, or unhelpful get deleted.  Sorry.  Don't shit on my couch.  I made it nice here, and trolls don't get to fuck it up because they're miserable and hateful and twisted and mean.  Helllllllssss no. *wild finger pointing*

I pay for my site.  I know some blogging platforms are free.  Mine isn't.  My domain name isn't.  So that's my money I'm kingdom, my playground, and my little part-time business (no one said it was a lucrative business, but that's beside the point).  

When you visit someone else’s online community, you’re a guest in the owner’s online home. Behave accordingly. Your participation there is a privilege subject to their owner’s discretion.

So I guess that's why I'm not more upset.  I'm okay with the delete button.  And believe me, I've been called worse (one time I was called a "whoar" through e-mail...that was pretty upsetting.  I mean really..."WHOAR?"  Spellchecked in the face!). 

Bah, this guy said all this way better.