Mama Bear Syndrome

Today I'd like to talk a little bit about "Mama Bear" syndrome.

This is the title I have given to well meaning, happily coupled friends who want nothing more than for their single friends to experience the wedded/coupled-up bliss they are experiencing.

They are very well intentioned, but they probably watch too much Millionaire Matchmaker for their own good. So they're always thinking of possible combinations for you. Her boyfriend's brother. His buddy from work who just broke up with his girlfriend. That one guy Stanley who is awesome but they just don't understand why he's single (read: probably gay).

And through all this, you smile and nod and put up with being "date bombed" on group outings. "Ohhh, yes! I randomly invited this Total Stranger to crash our regular Friday movie night! Hark! I hear something in the other room!" Then they scurry out, thinking that the awkward silence you and Mr. Stranger (who has no idea what's happening either) both experiencing is the beginngin of a total love connection.

I actually don't mind the Mama Bear types. I think their concern and caring for my love life is very sweet.

But, Mama Bears! I would like to politely ask that you ask us first before you try to WingWoman or Date Bomb us. We actually might be really content with our singlehood (if we're not, we'll probably ASK that you set us up with someone) and might just be enjoying the ride for what it is.

We love you, Mama Bears. We do. You're awesome...thank you for thinking of us. RAWR.