Love Language

I think I've mentioned before that my love language is, "Buy me presents and I will love you."  (This really is one of the languages.  I swear.)  So when The Boyfriend said to me yesterday that I should be nicer to him or I wouldn't get the present he bought for me, I started grinning like a silly fool.

(And when he said I should be nicer to him, he meant I should stop teasing him about growing a pair of lady balls from taking my Thermogenics for Ladies Pills*.)

I don't know what he's going to present me with, but I'll be receiving it tomorrow and I've been like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

And God help me, if tomorrow comes and he tells me that the present he got for me is in his pants, someone is going to get smacked.  (I'm 90% sure he'll make this joke anyway.  Whatever.)

*Not the actual name of the pills.