Linkity Linktenstein (Link Lubbers? Link-o-Rama? Link...My Face?)

Clearly, I can't think of a good title for my link posts, but you fine people said you'd like to see some link lists from me, so here goes!  Linkapalooza!  Awesome shit from the Interwebosphere!

Stuff I Loved this Week

Gap makes me cry.  Seriously, I feel like they shit on my young adulthood with this one...

...but at least some design students help redeem the situation a bit (I love #18 and #47!)

The Down and Nerdy shows us Broken Robot Girl.  (Also, I decided this is how she gears up to blog about all things nerd.)

Baugh!  I loooove it.  I waaaaant it.

And for more cuteness, Marvin the Spider Monkey.  Awwww...

I have mixed emotions about the “It Gets Better” campaign (great, awesome, needed idea and sentiment, and it’s incredible to see people pull together to encourage gay and/or questioning teens, but as my good friend Jae said, maybe fighting back is better), though this article from the writer’s parents is just lovely.

This went viral, so you’ve probably seen it already, but if not, check it out!

Even more cuteness (sorry, I can’t resist)

Is there a better collaboration this side of Streisand and the BeeGee’s than Ben Folds and Nick Hornby?  I think not. 

Many of you probably read this article by resident favorite TKOG, but it bears repeating.  Politely Powerless:  When Self-Defense Fails.

Ooo...I want to eat these sweet little apple cupcakes, don’t you?  (And when I say “eat” I mean “stuff my face...with every last one.”)

Hey, so this was MY story.  And it’s true, to boot!  (Summa you that have been around for awhile might remember when it all when down.)

Kick Ass Videos:

Lucy the Wheelchair Dog (I dare you to stay dry eyed)

Irish Hand Dancing (this is seriously cool!)

Gummy Bears are Wicked Dangerous

Happy Friday!