This week's Linkapalooza focuses on relationships of all kinds.  I hope you enjoy these articles, pictures and videos as much as I did!

First, the most amazing picture of a relationship I have ever, ever seen:


Having trouble in your relationship?  Maybe it's because you didn't go to college.  (And despite the dire description, the article actually holds good news for smart ladies everywhere!)

"With the economic stress of a poor economy, often both partners need to work long hours and contribute financially, while juggling many other demands....  We need to take time out for love. Lovemaking wanes with all the time pressure couples feel."

You can't afford to be silent.  Why National Coming Out Day Matters, No Matter Who You Are.

Relationships with history have roots.  See if you can encourage new growth from old roots by reconnecting with an old friend (it's easier than ever in the era of Facebook).

Peas in a Pod (a Deadly, Deadly Pod)

A fantastic (as in MUST READ) article about sexuality in our culture...well, the article is actually bigger than that.  So just read it, okay?

Errr...not TECHNICALLY relationships, but an important read, nonetheless.  The True Nature of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Also not really about relationships, but it's KICK ASS.  Forbes’ top 100 most powerful women.

OK, back to actual relationships...quit hiding your left hand in your pocket.  Mmmhmmm, I’m Talking to YOU, Married Men.

In the wake of Courtney Cox and David Arquette announcing their separation, Good Morning America speculates whether or not "cougar" relationships can actually last.

Betcha always wondered about how old people view casual sex, right?

Oprah on the Sister Wives.

Drop the Ibuprofen, fall in love to relieve your headache.

Which type of couple would do better on a game show about their partner's preferences?  You'd be surprised at the answer.

For you bloggers out there, how to build relationships with other bloggers.

What's your relationship with money?

The true relationship between the Beatles, Joan Jett, House of Pain and RATM?  AWESOMENESS:

The Last Lick. So gross, but awesome.

Oh man, this captures a husband/wife relationship like no other (except for the separate single beds, which are hilarious.

Oh lord, how much to you love Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family?!

And this clip is especially for my friend Chad.  "We, we not."

Happy Friday!