Linkapalooza: Yet Another Holiday Extravaganza!

In celebration of Independence Day, I thought I'd give you an overdose of unicorn goodness. Cool?

DON'T SMOKE, UNICORN! Even magic can't erase lung cancer. (wamp, wamp)

Jersey Shore Unicorn! Complete with STD!

If it's burning like that, Unicorn, you should probably see your doctor.

This last one is pretty funny...sounds like something I would do, you know, for the good of magic and stuff. Robot unicorn!  (Thanks, @carlshanz!)


Ummm...this sounds like an awesome boost to your resume! (I signed up...if you do, too, give the page a minute or two to load. It seems like it's not working, but it is!)

In case you missed it, I wrote on Simone Grant’s blog this week about booty calls. Holla.

And this week on Facebook, we talked relationship books, your “type”, blind dates and more! Join us daily for the fun times, won’t you?

I’m doing research on changing up my diet a bit to something more “Primal”...seeing things like this on the menu helps! NOMS.

I’ll admit, this got me a little teary. You go, Dooce. "Tell him that the first thing I can do is tell their story.”

I’ve been wanting to do something cool with wood pallets...this is great inspiration:

Why Women Blogs are Bad for Women (Agree or Disagree?)

The first real-time study on spanking. Holy dredged up memories, Batman.

Greetings. I come in peace.

Sometimes I wish it took as long to convince some humans to fuck...which is to say, SOMEO F YOU SHOULD NOT REPRODUCE.  (Since 1992, people! NINETEEN NINETY TWO!)

Seriously, the parents in these situations are idiots. Sorry. Let your kid grow up for two seconds.

Adorbs, as, he makes it look so effortless. Geez.

The day a holiday turned into something more like Saving Private Ryan:

"Should we try it again?" he says. *smh*

Do not mix: fireworks, alcohol, idiots.

Happy Holiday weekend!