Linkapalooza: Words of Wisdom

This week's unicorn installment makes me ask, "But aren't ALL unicorns on drugs?"

First, a little biznass...I'm hosting a FREE webinar this Sunday, 9/26 @ 9pm CST (the invite says EST, but it's CST, I promise!) and would love if you could join! We'll be talking all things love, relationships, and moving in with your partner without wanting to kill them (plus more...AND taking your questions!). Join me here!

No, no...Facebook truly is a little too much an insidious part of our lives. Wow.

A guy's perspective on cleaning up after shacking up. It's actually pretty good!

I'll take one of these for my birthday, please.

Oh, and if someone could please make me this for lunch, I'd appreciate it.

I think I know, like, at least ten people like this. Hilarious (and sort of sad, actually).

 She might be slow to the punch, but man, does she do it right when she gets there. JK Rowling finally goes ebook with Harry Potter!


You all have been dropping some words of wisdom on the old Bird Wire lately. (Psst...are you following The Naked Redhead yet? It's a good time! Just like you saw on that bathroom wall!) Here are a few of the gems of late:


(Psst, you should follow those ladies, too!)

 And finally, if you haven't seen this miracle of nature at work, well, here you go...


Get yourself a scone! Happy Friday!