Linkapalooza: Weird Apps and Fat Cats

Your weekly unicorn installment, brought to you by little men in green:

Onward, shall we? You know, since you can't get those last two minutes back.

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We talked about this over on Facebook the other day. Would this be a dealbreaker for you?

OKCupid has made it even easier for you to find someone to bone!

Put down your smartphone, and go bone your spouse (for real).

More on the economy ruining your relationship.

Um, yeah. I’m not sure we need to simulate abuse to learn how to avoid it.

Annoying office mate? Learn to get along, and you could extend your life.

It always breaks my heart when women have to go through stuff like this.

Why “Friends with Benefits” relationships are on the rise. 

And, a fantastic post on the heels of Monday's rant on "yes, and...".

CANNOT get enough of Scroobius Pip ("You see a mousetrap, I see free cheese and a fucking challenge.") (Language NSFW)

Can't go wrong with Sia. Ever.

At 5.3 million views and counting, you've probably already watched this, but worth a re-share anyway. Hahaha, silly cat.

Happy Friday!