Linkapalooza: Unicorn Lasers and Kitten Loves Puppy

This week's unicorn installment:

A little bit on polyamory in a conservative area of Germany (random? Yes. But it's pretty much why I love my Google Alerts. :))

Every time a dating site succeeds in making a match, it loses two users. What Zoosk is doing to keep users with the service even after they're dating.

Five ways to get back to dating basics.

"Men need to learn the art of gentle teasing if they want to be successful in how to attract women." Haha, okay.

Study: getting back with your ex will not make you happy.

Ex-husband gets choice of jail...or Facebook apology. Whuck?

Aaaaand, the true meaning of Facebook's "in a relationship."

Kate Gosselin on dating as a single mom...of EIGHT. (Holy shitballs.)

One blogger says divorce can make life better.

Oh, just call it what it is, Reese Witherspoon: "Facebook Stalking."

Sleeping puppy gets bath from kitten (you're welcome):

Kitten loves puppy:

Kitten still loves puppy...with surprise ending:

Happy Friday, folks! :)