Linkapalooza: This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Let's go!  This post is pretty video heavy, but Halloween is all about the visuals, right?

Have you seen that creepy Snickers add with the giant woman-thing?  They put the costume up for sale!  For a good cause!  A really, really creepy good cause!  (OK, no, it's an actual good cause.)

Haha, creepy awesome baby cake.  Because babies should totally be eaten.

These pumpkins are adorable.  If only I had the time, patience and motivation to carve them myself!

Living in Beetlejuice.  I <3 Tim Burton.  To wit:

and this...

And I kinda like the Marilyn Manson cover, too!

And, oddly, Fall Out Boy on "What's This?"

Robots are friggin' real, dude:

Also, apparently time travel is real, too:

For those of you in Cbus, please come out to Ravari Room on Saturday night for their annual Halloween bash!  I'm performing with Blondie, and other bands--including the Beastie Boys, Joan Jett, and Ozzy Osbourne--will be playing.  Free pizza!  Costume prizes!  Beeeeerrrr! 

Happy Friday, and Happy Halloween!