Linkapalooza: Think About Your Life

This week's unicorn installment is, well, a unicat:

Photo credit: Etsy

This is great: 6 Tips for a Healthy, Committed Relationship

One woman's take on dating as a vegan in NYC.

Online dating success story, with tips.

Hahaha, forever a blogger.

Research on marriage education classes show big improvements for California married couples.

This is actually really interesting (and not what you think): A dating site for married couples.

Putting yourself first in relationships.

This is a hard read: how one woman broke the cycle of abuse in her relationships.

For those of you who practice mindfulness, how mindfulness can enhance relationships.

Suck it, One Million Moms (and good for you, JCPenney...your new logo is awful, but you stood your ground, and that rocks. One Million Moms gives up campaign against DeGeneres/JCPenney.

Good god, this comic is amazing:

Credit: xkcd

And of course, you've seen this video...right?! RIGHT?!

Happy Friday!