Linkapalooza: The Long Short Week

Your weekly unicorn installment actually made me guffaw when I saw it.

The Origin of the Unicorn

(Anyone know the original source of this photo? It was sent to me by a Twitter follower who found it on a forum. Oh, Internet.)

Still believing that advice that you should tell people your goals in order to accomplish them? Studies show you should do the opposite

I think I have had all these conversations before. Bar Roulette.

Debby Herbenick is fast becoming one of my favorites for practical advice on sex, love and dating. You should probably also buy her book...I just finished it, and it was great!  

Redhead Writing does it again. On Punctuation...

Want to know my thoughts on personal blogging? Check out this 10 Minute Talk.

Oh man...I want to go to this so bad. Anyone want to sponsor me? :) (I'm being serious! We can brainstorm to make it worth your while.)

Two needles to the old ball sac (and 100% effectiveness)  vs. years and years of synthetic hormones (which cause a myriad of problems and are not 100% effective)? Um, YES PLEASE. 

This article makes me so proud of my city. Why is Columbus So Gay?

Maybe 2011’s Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig?

I want this kid to follow me around and give me pep talks all day long.

Happy Friday!