Linkapalooza: The Dulling of Feelings (and other Musings)

Well, *I* have had an interesting week...what about you? Do you probably need THIS to make you soooo happy?


Oh, Sin Button, you naughty, naughty thing. Image originally found here.

And now MOAR LINKZ!!

Speaking of are a few articles that made me laugh and/or stab myself in the face. 

Your Body is Doing it Wrong

Mike Huckabee pretty much says, Rape is Totes OK because Sometimes it Creates Some Amazing People. HUZZAH!

Everyone thinks Akin is a moron...except for those who don't.

And last, but certainly not least, this musician very sweetly explains exactly the difference between, like legitimate RAPEY-rape and illegitimate not-so-rapey rape.

OK, onward!

Just a little breakdown on the benefits of contraceptive use

Finances and relationships. This is kind of a great article, because I’ve seen what should have been great relationships destroyed by financial stuff, and relationships that should be terrible work just fine because they simply refuse to fight about money.

Susan Sontag on marriage...”it is an institution committed to the dulling of feelings.” That was way harsh, Tai!

As always, I love Clarisse Thorn’s take on thigs. Here she writes about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and S&M.

I agree. The Chris Brown/Rihanna thing is more true to life than we’d like to believe.

So you wanna make friends but you feel like your filter is off-kilter? Good advice here.

Seriously, just watch to the end. It's totally worth it:


This is both hilarious and awesome. But, then again, so many TED talks are.

Happy Friday! Keep it in your pants! And if you can't, at least don't post it to Facebook.