Linkapalooza: Strippers and Kissers


Wish I could have written like this at 17...but not only that, it’s a pretty interesting article on the sex education reforms proposed in New York.

“A truly democratic society respects human persons, as well as the choices they make as law abiding, private citizens.” 

10 Guys confess: What it feels like to kiss a girl.  

Impressive: I chose to have a baby on my own

Masturbation is totally gay.

Did you hear about the TSA agent leaving the “get your freak on girl” note? Well, here...

Entrepreneurs and marriage, possible? or possibly hopeless?

Yup, that’s pretty much what it feels like.


I love this post by my friend Elissa on trying to be feminist while being in comedy. It’s honest, heartfelt, and of course, funny.

SO PROUD of my girl Jessi kicking ass in a fantastic Disney internship...and now she’s giving some pretty kick-ass advice on making a long-distance relationship work.

How a bad economy affects those who sell sex.

Want to know what a stripper really makes? This is a pretty comprehensive overview.

The Art of Meeting Men

How to read a woman like a book.

Do not hug this man.

And on a more serious note, I really liked this music video for a lot of reasons.