Linkapalooza: Stop Whining and Other Words of Encouragement

Happy Friday, everyone! This week I turned 33 (JESUS YEAR!) and worked until all hours of the night three days in a row. So, not too shabby. :)

Here's a picture of me 29 years ago. Don't you just want to squeeze my little cheeks? (Please don't. I'll be mortified.)


I have a post coming about all the awesome things I've learned in the last 33 years. It's mostly written so you'll all feel bad about not having learned as much (I kid, I kid!). :)

This post on the same topic is pretty fantastic, though. And so, so true.

MOAR Linkz! With a Z!

Your drunken-slut wedding was worthless, you harlot. Good points here...and I can definitely relate, because this is very much the culture I grew up in.

What neuroscience really says about female desire. (Also, this article is patently false, since we all know that ladies only desire to please others.)

Researchers want you to know that creeping on your ex is a really terrible way to move on. No, really!! 

Do you know how your contraception works? If not, you're not alone.

The Science of Orgasms and Your Brain on Porn. Oooo, fun title. :)

Just a fun little date night tip.

This is a great article. 10 of the best things you can do for your sexual self at any age

How to receive a blowjob respectfully (NSFW

Have a great weekend!!