Linkapalooza: Sperm Stealing and No Cuddles

This week's unicorn installment...pretty sure this person and I need to be friends.

Female Friendship Myths (love this)

This is yet another reason why abstinence only education is a super bad idea. And when I say I get what she is saying about virginity and value going hand in hand in that line of teaching, you know I mean it.

This article really irks me.

What a classy rapist.

Can a celeb crush spice up your relationship? (Matt Damon and I talked about it...and the answer is yes.)

Good lord, $100,000 in credit card debt? Yeah, I'd say communication is important here.

More long-distance relationship tips.

"I am not a size 0, I don't weigh 100 pounds, and I don't have big breasts, but I am still a woman and I am still beautiful."

This article is getting a post all its own, but feel free to read now for just " What?"

Really? Hm.

I don't know what I like so much about older people talking frankly about sex and sex education, but I do think it's pretty great. Here's a very frank, practical talk on the hymen: myths and misconceptions.

I love this honest, angry rant by Carlin Ross. Why did you leave law for sex?:

Happy Friday, friends!