Linkapalooza: Sneaky Unicorns and "The Horn"

Unicorns are really sneaky rhinoceri?

(A HUGE thanks to Katie for sharing this week's unicorn installment with me!)

On to the links!

Cute! Serena Williams doles out relationship advice.

Hey, dudes. It's good to have a healthy relationship with your mom.

Hahaha! Love it. Fictional relationships that would have failed in real life.

How to avoid the "seven year itch" in relationships.

I don't think she needs a label, but others would disagree. Amber Heard is in a relationship with a woman, but isn't a lesbian.

This article reminds me of an old youth pastor's argument that "holding hands is sex." Please.

Sorry, I'm stuck on the fact that when they started dating, he was 25 and she was 17. Erg.

Meh, I'll buy the argument, but who cares who asks who to get married, really? (PS--why all the rush to get married anyway?)

"I love him, but how can I ever trust him again?"


New Jane.TV promo! Yay!

"Jane is coming" from Jane Media Group on Vimeo.



I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole recently, and discovered Derek and Clive. And, oh. My. God. This is NSFW, but dear god. Wow. "Everything gives me The Horn. Everything...except my wife Valerie."

Happy Friday, folks!