Linkapalooza: Smackdowns and Singlism

Happy Friday, Friends! This week has been...interesting, but I am ending it on a hopeful note, which is about all anyone can ask for, right?

Anyway, this happened:

That's a unicorn pissing rainbows, folks. Unicorn. Pissing. Rainbows. You can't make this shit up.

On to the Linkz!

Sad, adorable, hopeful, wonderful.

"Dating, love, and marriage are far more complicated than self-proclaimed experts would have us believe. Statistics can show all kinds of trends, but ultimately, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (in a relationship) is the province of each individual.

Singlism: should we just shrug it off?

Few stereotypes arouse more anger than the assumption that singles have lots of time to spend at work because they have no life.

And, one of the articles that started this week's Internet discussion on singlism.

Plus, the comments. (Oh, the comments)

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Haha, why I’m always wary of the 5’11” and 6’0” dudes on OKC.

The best questions for a first date.

Boom! “The whole dating landscape has changed. I’m sorry if this is hard for some women to hear,  but those of you clinging to this stupid point value system, where if a man does X then he cares “this much”,  are being left in the dust. And you have nobody to blame but yourselves.”

How to Keep a Relationship

My lovely blogging friend Erin’s posts about her husband being away at boot camp are both sad and lovely and inspiring, all at once.

"Everything insisted that we had what it took. If I could talk books with him, if he understood why I wept over a novel, why I dreamed in columns, then all the rest should have fallen into place. But words weren’t, in the end, enough. And so two years and a cross-continental move later, we parted."

Getting divorced but wish I wasn’t.

Fascinating: Anita Hill ponders her legacy.

All I do is hang out with kids or babies.


Middle school students are sex crazed maniacs.

STFU, Texas sex-ed.

Pow! No text from a first date in 36 hours? You won’t have a second.

Have a fantastic weekend! Miss you, love you, bye! :)