Linkapalooza: Side Crow, Puppies and "I love you" in the midst of a fight

So, I did side crow for the first time in yoga this week. Still working on that whole, "You shouldn't look like you're in horrific pain" thing with my face. But otherwise, am pretty pumped that I did it!

Oh, and here are some cute puppies. This is what happened when I couldn't figure out how to style my non-working fireplace, and threw the dogs' bed in there, just for funsies. 

Both photos originally uploaded to Instagram...where you can, you know, like, follow me and stuff.

Anyway, on to the linkseseses!!

Being raised the way I was to believe that men are basically hormone crazed Neanderthals who can't possibly control themselves in front of a woman unless she is being "modest"--thereby, by her looks and demureness, effectively helping him shut down his rather uncontrollable penis and sexual urges that only wanted to take advantage of me, this article about the myth of the boner werewolf was just...yeah. Thank you.

I kind of tend to agree. Sometimes nice is completely useless.

We all have experienced the need for advice on this: how to exit gracefully from conversations.

Well, not a bad start, Montana.

What Patti Stanger has learned about love.

Our third anniversary. Wow. Not sure I could remember to say this in a moment like that.

Hahaha, good god. The fart that (almost) altered my destiny.

This. Yes.

There’s this underlying fear that if we start seeing people move away from us, then we’re going to lose a lot of love, friendship, camaraderie, etc., and there won’t be anything to replace it. We fear that if we lose the status quo, our lives will get worse.

When someone determines they are no longer a match for you, it’s not a personal rejection. They’re simply declining to join you in co-creating what you desire. But someone else will be delighted to co-create that with you.

You've probably already seen this video. But if not, no worries. Yes, there is a vaginal "re-tightening" cream, and these crazy motherfuckers are singing about it like it's the Sound of Music. half funny, half disturbing. (Trigger warning for suggested rape and violence.)

Happy LOOONNNGGG weekend!! Muah!