Linkapalooza: Scone Friday* and Other Curiosities

Do you know why I like you guys? Because you are now alerting me to every bit of unicorn ridiculousness the Web has to offer. For instance...

And this...

Now that is my kind of unicorn.

Upward and onward!

Are you all fans of The Naked Redhead on Facebook? Each day we have a Facebook Question Cage Match...I ask you all questions, you answer...and the winning answer KILLS ALL OTHER ANSWERS!!! OK, a little overly dramatic, I know, but we enjoy it. Come play! :)

My friend Don is conducting a hilarious experiment with his facial hair (growing that bitch out for ONE YEAR, no joke). Combine razor sharp wit with robust Dutchman genes, and you have a must follow blog. Check it out!

 Looking for a job? Here's fantastic advice from Charlie Hoehn on ditching the boring resume and working--yes!--for free.

LOOOOVVVEEE this post on Simone Grant's blog by Spinster Jane. A must read for single ladies everywhere.

Doe Deere had a birthday! I might have yelled a thunderous YES at the reasons she is ecstatic to be thirty.

This is sort of last week's news, but Jack White and his wife got a divorce...and threw a party. I think that is Kick. Ass.

June is Pride I designed a t-shirt. Get yours today! It's only on sale through June, and all proceeds benefit Stonewall Columbus, a fantastic organization that is...

...the leading visionary, inclusive, and fun-spirited GLBT organization in Central Ohio – sets the pace for increasing the visibility and acceptance of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. We continue to be the driving force on GLBT issues and our Center is the first stop for many in the GLBT and allied community.

Looks like someone has a budding career in the adult film industry.

It's gettin' real in the Whole Foods parking lot, y'all...

Happy Friday!

*I recently dubbed every Friday "Scone Friday." That means I take a few minutes every Friday for a little quiet, some coffee, and if I'm really lucky, a fantastic scone. I encourage you to join me (even virtually!) because I've found it just starts the weekend off right. :)