Linkapalooza: Oh, Um, Wow Edition

This week's unicorn falls into the, "You're right...there really are things you can't unsee" category (thanks, Don!):

W. T. F. (Nice assless pink spandex chaps, KEVIN.)

Ever want to know what I was like right out of college? Here's the interview that tells you all about it!

This post wrecked me this week. It was sad, moving, and potent...and just goes to show you that the words we write here on the old Web can be moving, meaningful, timely, and real. It makes a difference.

One of my favorite "May the Fourth be With You" posts ever. Nerdtastically hilarious!

I'd totally live in one of these.

One of my favorites, Erin of the Fierce Beagle, rocked it out with this post about the death of Bin Laden and justice. Rocked. It. Out.

And because I've been all about the sad posts lately, here is a sweet tribute to a family pet.

My ridiculously talented friend, Jon Irvine, made it on to Conan. Really.


Hahaha, Jill nails it on Bitches Acting Crazy.

Whereupon we finally get to see TKOG's cute mug.

Have y'all been following Ashley's HUGE move from Olympia to Anchorage? It's been fun to read about the trials and tribulations of traveling with two dogs, two fish, and a boatload of stuff to a completely different part of the world. And the pictures! Oh, the pictures...

This favorite of mine and this other favorite of mine just landed book deals. The books will be entirely and completely different, and yet I will read both. Can't wait!

Aaaaand, some videos. Because I like videos:

So stupid, and yet I giggled like a fool...

Disgusting, amazing, hilarious.

Suck it, whoooores.