Linkapalooza: MY EYES, MY EYES!!

OK...I put a call out on Twitter for ridiculous unicorn pictures, and all are killin' me. Without further ado, your weekly unicorn installment (MY EYES)

Submitted by @unchainedfoodie

SORRY! And this one was submitted by @Twixlen

And this one, which is slightly NSFW, was submitted by @Not_the_Hero, whose sentiment of "Sorry in advance," I shall echo.

click to view larger...if you dare

Anyway, enough of that nonsense...

Not a dating article, BUT, this is my favorite design blog on ye olde web, and this is officially my new favorite hack/tutorial. Genius, I tell you. Genius.

Love, love, LOVE this post from Cup o Jo. "Do You Ever Worry You Won't Meet Someone?"

Hmmm...nerds bone, and this? That's some theory...

Even Dooce has a “List”.

Again, not a dating article, but yep. I’d eat that.

Timing is everything. Period.

Sad, but true:
“Of course, not even abusive or unhealthy relationships are entirely sorrowful or undesirable. If they were, they would likely not exist. It is for this reason, in part, that they endure, giving the abused partner hope and something to lose if they were to leave the relationship. As a result, abusive and toxic relationships are not rare.”

Boo, Australian Baptists. :P

Haha, holy eff! “Don't you think [my husband] should compensate me for the roof I have put over his head for all of these years?”

Love this! When bad relationships ruin great music.

Cary Tennis is amazing. One year of sobriety before romance?