Hold on to your butts, folks. This one is hugethatswhatshesaid.

A mighty big thanks to @sjlynn for finding this week's unicorn installment. File this under the "things you can't unsee" category. Wowza.

Oh yeah, and actually, the guy has a whole channel of himself dressing up and moving around like an animal. Despite the jaw dropping WTF aspect of it all, the make-up is quite stunning.


Need a last minute hotel reservation this weekend? There’s an app for that.

That Luxirare. She does it again! 

This is so clever, and what I really dig about creative product/brand video.

Michael Margolis is a new online friend who gets my heart, man. MY HEART.

OK, FINE. I’ll eat it! GEEZ.

I’m sure with its overall theme of feel-good whatnot, Dove didn’t mean for this ad to be horribly racist, but...yeah. Seriously, what happened in those meetings? Someone HAD to have made that connection...

Interesting look: “The less masochistic truth is that I started writing about sex because I didn't really think that it would be that big a deal, and once I realized that it was actually a topic most people did not view with much honesty or maturity, I felt all the more compelled to continue writing as an act of defiance, not fully understanding at the time what I was getting myself into.” 

Just in time for summer, the right bikini top for your breast shape. Thanks Eternal*Voyager! 

This seems like a really...BAD idea. Wow.

Augh! Agent Lover got to interview Richard Simmons!!

On being openly YOU: “Today if you feel tempted to censor yourself for fear of not being accepted, remember: It’s better to be judged for something you are than to be accepted for something you’re not.”

C’ this really all THAT surprising? Twitter spoils reality show.

Recluses fascinate me...I always want to know why they shut themselves off from everyone.

And, some photos of her properties...some which were untouched for decades.

Seriously, read the whole thing. A. Maz. Ing. interview with Courtney Love. "As a general rule, it’s probably not a great idea to take pills from Andy Dick."

Hilarious. Old white dudes. Cannot. Dance.

One of my favorite books ever, retold (yet again)...methinks I need a re-read!  Then off to the movies.

This is...not fair?


What has both "Awesome" & "Insane" ab workouts, AND gives you the joy of watching a woman be sexually harassed on video?


Sigh. Want.

My fur kids make me smile. This is their lazy Sunday play.

Happy Mega Holiday Weekend, everyone! See you next week!